Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening tonight at C.A.V.E. Gallery!

Hey everyone,

I'm in a group show at C.A.V.E. Gallery and the opening is tonight, July 28th. If you're in the area of Venice, CA/ Los Angeles, CA... you should check it out. If not... here's a link to my paintings and the paintings of the other awesome artist in the show. 

Unfortunately I can't afford to make it out to the opening. Finances are a bit tight for me right now.

This may also be my last show for some time. I'm going to be helping my dad with his business full-time and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on artwork. But I'm not going to quit painting all together and I hope to get some art out sooner than later.

Thanks for all of the support everyone. Hopefully I'll have some more updates in the near future!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somewhat current events

My show at with Mike Egan at Langham Gallery in London is coming to a close. Well the show is actually over at this point but they are keeping it up for another week or so. If you're in the area, you still have a bit more time to check it out!
I also released a new print today:

My next show will be in July at C.A.V.E. Gallery. I'm not sure who I'll be sharing space with but I'm sure it'll be an awesome show. I'll be working on some commissions and listening to "A Storm Of Swords" on audiobook in the meantime. I got about half way through before I finished up my last show so I'm really looking forward to it in all honesty. haha

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Print!

Hello there!
I have a new print available on my Etsy site. It's a bit brighter and snowier than my other prints... just in time for the cold weather to set in. Check it out~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wow... it's been a while

painting from my upcoming show The Endless Frontier

Well it seems that there are more seasons in a year than posts on my blog. That is not very productive. I'm sorry for ignoring you blog... now let me sweetly caress your page with typed out words and embedded links.

Well I have a duel show with David Chung coming up shortly... actually it's tomorrow October 14th. It's the first show in a long while that wasn't a group show so I was able to experiment a bit more. I do like the charms of a group show with its low pressure and small work load... but completing a whole series of paintings for your own show really quenches that thirst for creative output. Very satisfying indeed.
My show is titled The Endless Frontier and I've focused a bit more on painting actual people. I've painted a lot of human, animal hybrids in recent years and decided to change it up a bit. Well there's one painting with an animal with human qualities... you got me. Here's a short statement about the show:

The Endless Frontier is inspired by pioneers and frontiersmen of the new world and the old west. Those that explored the unending forests of this world and beyond. One never knew what wonders or terrors to expect from day to day... leaving the comforts of society for the mysteries of the wild.

Here's a link to the preview page of my show The Endless Frontier and David Chung's awesome show Smells Better Than It Tastes:

WWA Gallery Preview Page

You can purchase paintings from the website if you're in the buying art mood.

Here's the gallery's main site just in case that link goes down after the show opens:

WWA Gallery Main Page

I'll have my new paintings posted on my Flickr site when I return home to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles on Monday October 17th. I like the quality of the images on Flickr... nice and crisp. I have two new images up right now.
That's it for now... hope to see some of you at the opening!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween was fun and so are you

Well Halloween was business as usual this year. It involved me forgetting about Halloween until it was Halloween, rushing out to find a creepy/ cheesy/ creepy mask and drinking enough to forget most of the night. But it was quite fun... here's my costume:

When I'm not moving my brother cross-country and moving myself cross-city... I'm busy with group shows and band artwork. I'm much better at updating my Flickr site and I've posted most of my new work already. I'm in a show right now called Horrorwood at WWA Gallery... click on the flier to see the show:

Also did album artwork for the new The Republic Of Wolves album. Click on the image to go

I have a clearer, less compressed version on my Flickr site and I released a print of it on my Etsy site.
Well that's it for now. More to come...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Shows in LA this weekend

Well I'm a little late on one of them. The opening was yesterday... Dang! But here's the info on it anyways. Click the banner to go to WWA Gallery's website... they should have the show up soon.

I finally got to do a happy painting for this show. I feel like most of the shows and paintings I've been doing lately have been a bit dark. Maybe it's because it's a brighter season now... so long winter. Click HERE to see my painting for the show.

The other show is tonight, June 12th. It's a dog themed show and 20% of all sales of art will be donated to Downtown Dog Rescue. My painting has already sold for this show... glad to be doing my part for the pups. Click the postcard for Gallery Meltdown's website.

Click HERE to see my painting for the show.

I also got to do a Q & A on the Juxtapoz website. It was for their Back Talk segment and was pretty fun. Back Talk With Ben Kehoe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Fuck

Do I suck at blogging or what? I'm not sure why I'm not good at this. Maybe it's because I'm easily distracted. I think I can make it through this session... Come on Ben... Focus!! Ooo... iTunes Genius just picked a Portastatic song I really like.
So some things that happened recently that were kind of cool:

I was in a group show here in Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Center For The Arts called Cluster. The opening happened to fall on the first day of a blizzard that slammed Pittsburgh. It made for an interesting night. I'm pretty sure it affected the number of people at the opening because when I went outside cars were sliding everywhere. But we had a nice adventure in the blizzard later on that night where a tree almost fell on us... it was pretty awesome.
The PCA is also sending the work I had in Cluster out to Philadelphia for show called "Selections From Cluster" at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists from April 26th to May 21st.

I'm in a show right now at Gallery Meltdown called the TINY Show. Every painting had to be 3 inches or smaller. Pretty cool stuff and some really good artists. And all of my little guys sold... Yay! I have the paintings posted on my Flickr site.

My friend/ roommate/ talented filmmaker Ben Hernstrom who is Ambulantic did a short video on me for Pop City Media. It's a little awkward to see a video of myself but Ben did a great job making it not seem so. Here it is: Video

Here are some shows I have coming up:

May 21st - "Movers & Shakers II" - Ronin Gallery - Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake)
June 11th - "I Believe In Unicorns" - WWA Gallery - Los Angeles, CA (Culver City)

Well that's it for now. If I think of something else... I'll blog you.