Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just some updates... Yay Updates~

Yeah I got some shit going down. Not major shit but some little terds... terds of art activity that is.

Right now I'm in a show titled "Movers And Shakers" which is curated by a big time collector in LA named Gino Joukar. I was lucky enough to be asked to show with some pretty sweet artist. I didn't get to go to the opening but it was Gino's first show so I hope it went well. Here's a link to the gallery POVevolving. The link is to the current show... so it may be obsolete soon. There is a link on the bottom for a show preview. The scans of my work looks a little crappy... the one is pretty washed out. But I'll be posting the work I submitted on my Flickr site.

I also have a show coming up next month here in Pittsburgh. It's at a small coffeehouse called Beleza. It's a small place so it'll be a small show. I'm going to try and get around 6 new pieces done for it.

Well that's it for now. I have work to do and a pot pie to eat.

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