Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Fuck

Do I suck at blogging or what? I'm not sure why I'm not good at this. Maybe it's because I'm easily distracted. I think I can make it through this session... Come on Ben... Focus!! Ooo... iTunes Genius just picked a Portastatic song I really like.
So some things that happened recently that were kind of cool:

I was in a group show here in Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Center For The Arts called Cluster. The opening happened to fall on the first day of a blizzard that slammed Pittsburgh. It made for an interesting night. I'm pretty sure it affected the number of people at the opening because when I went outside cars were sliding everywhere. But we had a nice adventure in the blizzard later on that night where a tree almost fell on us... it was pretty awesome.
The PCA is also sending the work I had in Cluster out to Philadelphia for show called "Selections From Cluster" at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists from April 26th to May 21st.

I'm in a show right now at Gallery Meltdown called the TINY Show. Every painting had to be 3 inches or smaller. Pretty cool stuff and some really good artists. And all of my little guys sold... Yay! I have the paintings posted on my Flickr site.

My friend/ roommate/ talented filmmaker Ben Hernstrom who is Ambulantic did a short video on me for Pop City Media. It's a little awkward to see a video of myself but Ben did a great job making it not seem so. Here it is: Video

Here are some shows I have coming up:

May 21st - "Movers & Shakers II" - Ronin Gallery - Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake)
June 11th - "I Believe In Unicorns" - WWA Gallery - Los Angeles, CA (Culver City)

Well that's it for now. If I think of something else... I'll blog you.

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