Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wow... it's been a while

painting from my upcoming show The Endless Frontier

Well it seems that there are more seasons in a year than posts on my blog. That is not very productive. I'm sorry for ignoring you blog... now let me sweetly caress your page with typed out words and embedded links.

Well I have a duel show with David Chung coming up shortly... actually it's tomorrow October 14th. It's the first show in a long while that wasn't a group show so I was able to experiment a bit more. I do like the charms of a group show with its low pressure and small work load... but completing a whole series of paintings for your own show really quenches that thirst for creative output. Very satisfying indeed.
My show is titled The Endless Frontier and I've focused a bit more on painting actual people. I've painted a lot of human, animal hybrids in recent years and decided to change it up a bit. Well there's one painting with an animal with human qualities... you got me. Here's a short statement about the show:

The Endless Frontier is inspired by pioneers and frontiersmen of the new world and the old west. Those that explored the unending forests of this world and beyond. One never knew what wonders or terrors to expect from day to day... leaving the comforts of society for the mysteries of the wild.

Here's a link to the preview page of my show The Endless Frontier and David Chung's awesome show Smells Better Than It Tastes:

WWA Gallery Preview Page

You can purchase paintings from the website if you're in the buying art mood.

Here's the gallery's main site just in case that link goes down after the show opens:

WWA Gallery Main Page

I'll have my new paintings posted on my Flickr site when I return home to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles on Monday October 17th. I like the quality of the images on Flickr... nice and crisp. I have two new images up right now.
That's it for now... hope to see some of you at the opening!

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